5 Factors That Determine How Often You Should Replace Your Furniture

It is easy to know that your sets of furniture are not serving their purpose in the office. Luckily, furniture depreciates with time and thus it is possible to note these changes. Although you may be caught up in running your business such that you fail to note the changes, it is vital to plan early and avoid the rush. The factors to look out include:

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The quality of the furniture you buy

Quality comes with a long term usability of the item. You can seek quality over style. However, if you want to go with quality, you must be ready to send more. Luckily, there are commercial office furniture designs that are affordable and yet high quality. You can also take advantage of the discounts and refurnish your office with quality chairs and desks at an affordable price. The higher the quality you buy the lower the need to replace the furniture anytime soon.

The use

How often do you use your furniture? There are cases where you do not use it for a day or week and where there are cases where you use it on a daily basis. If it is the office furniture and most of your employees work from the office, then it means that you will be replacing that furniture soon. However, if you have most of your staff working from home on the internet, you can relax about buying new furniture. In short, the more you use it the more it depreciates.

Your taste and preferences

Taste and preferences change with time. They may change due to the client base you have recently attracted or the change in technology and way or doing business. Whichever the case that change has to be manageable. You do not want to spend all your profits in buying new commercial office furniture just to impress your clients or improve the mood in the office. Remember that an office is for administrative purposes and thus does not contribute to revenue. Choose an affordable taste for your office space.


If it is readily affordable, then it means you can easily buy new ones. You should settle for simplicity over established brands. Simple furniture pieces will help you replace when you need to. You can replace if you want to change the mood of your office or have an idea you like to exercise. It does not matter whether your furniture is old or worn out, you can replace it without having to take a great toll on your finances. Go for what adds value to your business.

Depreciation rate of the furniture

Dull colors leave a dull moment in the workplace. It can be seen in your staff or clients can come in and witness the whole thing. When the color starts peeling off or fading away, you need to think about buying new furniture. You do not have to buy the exact design or style. You can shop for other alternatives which are modern and reflect the true image of your business. Everything depreciates with time and so is the case with the commercial office furniture you buy. This is regardless of the quality of the pieces you bought.

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