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Creating an Outdoor Oasis with Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Warm climates offer up the perfect opportunity to create outdoor living and dining spaces that are enticing, inviting and extremely space effective. With a little attention to design and detail you can easily create a romantic paradise, a tropical oasis, or a patio fit for a princess. If your taste is more simplistic and functional, modern clean lines are also highly effective. No matter what look you’re trying to create, having a good idea what you want from the early stages of shopping can ensure you get the results you desire.

Try mapping out your space on a computer program that does design drawings. This will allow you to determine what size furnishings will work best in your space, and also provides the opportunity to try out a variety of configurations and actually see what the space can look like. You can easily see if there will be traffic flow issues or other things you might not notice without the visual mapping. You only want to invest in your commercial outdoor furniture once and you want to be happy with the product and the overall resulting look.

Outdoor furniture

Choosing to use commercial quality products ensures you have the highest degree of durability and ease of care. Commercial fabrics are typically easier to clean and take the abuse of high traffic much better than home quality versions. Even homeowners who know their outdoor space will get a lot of use may choose to purchase commercial outdoor furniture so they can take advantage of these qualities. Though commercial quality comes with a higher price tag, it is well worth it if you intend to use the space heavily.

Design details are just as important as the selection of furniture. Be sure to add details that flow easily with the chosen design. Contrasting or coordinating colors can create entirely different atmosphere, mood or feeling in the space. Are you trying to create a relaxing space? Try using blues and greens and soft textural elements. Are you trying for something more romantic? Try purples or reds and oranges to warm up the space. For a great space for eating, try using yellow as it is thought to increase the appetite. Every color in the design palate can help to create the desired feeling or emotion of your space. If you choose your furniture in a neutral tone, you can easily change up your accentuating pieces when you want something new without having to get new furnishings. Beige, brown, or black are typically the foundation colors choses for this purpose, though grey and navy blue are also typically possibilities, even though they limit the accentuating colors slightly more.

When your outdoor space is well planned out, beautifully finished and complete with high quality commercial outdoor furniture and accessories, it will be a space you, your family and your clients will enjoy for many years to come. Planning is key to creating a successful space.

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