Cubicles vs. Modular Office Furniture

Updating the office, or simply looking for ways to improve your workspace? It’s likely that you’ve already heard of the ongoing office furniture debate on whether cubicles or modular workstations are better. While both options have their own advantages, it really depends on what you want out of your office. It’s recommended that you look at the pros and cons of each so you can make the best decision when buying office furniture in Melbourne. It’s important to get this right, as office furniture can have a huge impact on how your employees feel, behave and work. It’s also vital to find office furniture that works specifically for your space in terms of productivity and collaborative working.

This article explores the differences between cubicles and modular office furniture to help you get started.


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Office Furniture – Cubicle Work Stations

A cubicle workstation is a popular choice for office furniture because it provides privacy in a collaborative working space. Cubicle work stations are traditionally used in a number of office types such as accounting firms, call centers, design agencies and more. Their popularity stems from the idea that they offer a connected working area that still allows for personal space.

Cubicle work stations are a great addition to workspaces where noise needs to be kept to a minimum. They also allow for employees to feel like their work station is completely theirs. Workers can choose their own desktop accessories, decorate however they like and feel like they can properly concentrate on their tasks without distraction.

Cubicle office furniture has been known for boosting productivity, saving space, contributing to better work, and allowing employees to build a space that inspires them.

Office Furniture – Modular Work Stations

Modular work stations, on the other hand, are desks that allow employees to sit beside each other. Ideal for creating a more spacious feel in an office, modular work stations are also a better choice for workplaces that want to encourage collaboration and maintain an upbeat energy through their office furniture. Modular work stations are therefore suitable for creative workspaces such as marketing agencies, public relations firms, interior designers and more.

It can be beneficial to make employees feel like they’re part of a team. Office furniture that’s collaborative, such as modular work stations, can therefore assist in creating a happier, healthier and more positive workspace. This type of furniture also uses floor space very effectively, meaning your office won’t become crowded. It can be fitted into a space accordingly, plus there are various tasteful and exciting styles to choose when it comes to modular office furniture in Melbourne.

Which Office Furniture is Best?

The choice really comes down to how you want your office to look and feel. Cubicle work stations are productive and can give your employees a privacy that modular work stations lack, while modular furniture can be incredibly stylish and bring a collaborative mood to the office, allowing employees to interact and work together better.

Depending on your space and workplace, different work stations may be more effective. Identify what you need out of a work station and start your search from there.

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