Final Touches That Make Your Bathroom Design Pop

When you are having a home built, or are working on completing a major or minor renovation there are obvious necessities, and then there are things that are often forgotten until the final stages and then purchased on a whim. Things like exhaust fans for the bathroom and kitchen and lighting fixtures can greatly change the way a completed room looks, and how comfortable it is. These items may offer versions with features that are extremely useful such as heat or high quality lighting that can be directed where its needed for things like putting on make-up.


Lighting: Be sure to choose lighting that is sufficient to brighten the entire space, natural or soft light might be necessary if the room will be used for working or reading, or when you want to be able to see colors at truly as possible such as a bathroom or art room. Often this can be adjusted using different light bulbs, but if you don’t have your lighting in the right locations, or didn’t put in enough fixtures you will have to use floor lamps or other accessory lamps that can take up space, look bulky or not fit in with a minimalist design plan. It is best to get this right the first time.

Exhaust fans: are often an after thought, but they can also be stylish and offer heating for a bathroom so you never have to step into a cold room after your shower. You can choose from a variety of lines, and finishes that can accentuate your style choices. This is another item that you should take the time to research a little and choose something efficient and safe with a thing profile and great looks. You will be glad when everything is complete and your look is completely cohesive.

Faucets, Fixtures and Door Handles: Keeping everything in one room with the same metal and finish is important, unless you are doing a contrast look on purpose. Making mistakes here looks completely tacky and can really mess up the cohesion of a room. You might not even realize there are options as you make decisions but bathrooms and kitchens are far beyond gold and silver. There are antiqued versions, brushed metal versions, brass and bronze and all sorts of variations. You also want to go beyond the simple metal and color of your choices to sticking with a particular style range. You don’t want some swirly circles and some smooth lined squares.

There can be many things to pay attention to even in a small room like a bathroom, but if you keep in mind your lighting, your exhaust fans, your fixtures and work toward cohesions between them all, the end result will be well worth any extra time you spend shopping. Your space will be beautiful, comfortable and functional when you are done. Conscientious design isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first.

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