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Stylish and Beautiful Flooring Options

Is it time to replace your home’s flooring? Well, nowadays there are so many options available and if you did not take a decision yet, take a look at resilient vinyl plank flooring! Whilst you will receive many compliments it won’t hurt your budget or your style.

plank flooring

Why you should invest in this type of flooring

1. Wide variety

It is very versatile and is now manufactured to imitate the surface of tile, stone, linoleum, brick and marble. Furthermore, you can choose from an endless range of textures patterns and colours. Irregardless of your budget or style, you can find the perfect design for your home.

2. Tough, flexible & wear-resistant

Two types of this quality flooring are available:

Inlaid type

This one is the more expensive flooring. With its inlaid pattern, scratches or chips won’t be visible because its pattern continues throughout the sheet’s depth and the pattern is designed throughout the vinyl’s thickness. Resilient vinyl plank flooring sheets are manufactured with a base backing-layer but with no wear layer.

Printed type

This type has three to four layers

– A top wear layer

Printed pattern

Optional cushioning layer coat

 Base coat

 The majority of vinyl flooring has 3-4 coats interposed together, creating a beautiful and durable fabric. Fibreglass or felt is used for the backing of the material, whilst the second coat consists of a printed coat of vinyl which bond tot the base coat. Some styles have a cushioning layer. The last layer is also manufactured from vinyl and is the “wear-layer.” The thickness of this wear-layer will determine the life-time of your flooring. The minimum is 10 millimetres whilst the best flooring options can be about 30 ml thick, for ultimate protection. We advise you to enquire about the thickness of the “wear-coat” if you want good quality.

3. Clean easily

Today vinyl flooring is sold as a “no-wax” option. This is easier to maintain, as it has a shiny surface without waxing. You only need to use a dampened mop. The layer at the top is stain and scratch resistant. When the flooring loses its shine it can be recoated or buffed. We recommend that you should use the type which the manufacturer suggested.

4. Comfortable underneath

Using this vinyl flooring in the areas of your home where you stand or walk a lot, we suggest that you purchase a type with a cushioned backing. In comparison with tile, laminated or wood flooring, this cushioned flooring will supply a greater level of comfort.

5. Easy installation

We believe that resilient vinyl plank flooring is available for every style when it comes to interior design and all the details are available at Gahous the main service provider!

Usually a professional is needed for installation. If your floors have a wood or tile surface, this flooring can be placed over it. Ask the advice of someone with the “know how” as you can save time and money if the old flooring need not be removed.

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