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4 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

There are many different reasons why a home make-over might be necessary, from preparing your house for the market to simply wanting to update its aesthetic. Fortunately, there are a variety of different and easy ways to dramatically boost the look of your home and increase its value.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the appearance of your home, here are some of the best suggestions to add value to your home and re-establish its presentation.

Re-Coat Your Walls

If the walls in your home are looking slightly dull, it’s likely time to contact professional house painters in Melbourne. A simple refresher coat on top of your paint job, or even just painting a feature wall, may be all you need to rejuvenate your space. When working alongside home painters in Melbourne, seek advice and inspiration on the best color choices. What works best with your décor and furniture? Do your walls keep up with the trends of the Melbourne décor industry? You can also seek ideas and inspiration from home design magazines and websites.

Paint Your Exterior

Just as important as your interior walls and structures, the exterior of your home should also look impressive – especially as it’s often the first thing a visitor or potential home buyer will see. Professional house painters in Melbourne will be able to assist you with exterior painting services, providing a simple way to dramatically change your home’s overall look. While painting your exterior might seem like a daunting and major task, house painters in Melbourne will be able to make the experience free of stress. Speak to professionals about what you need to do in order to properly and adequately prepare your home for a fresh new paint job.

Boost Your Décor

After working with home painters in Melbourne to revitalize your interiors and exterior, the next step is to add touches of chic and sophistication into your décor. With the growing popularity of art pieces, textiles and furnishings for the home, you have the opportunity to find incredible finishing touches, or else you can choose to develop a new theme and start from scratch. Adding to your décor can be as simple as decorating a coffee table with beautifully crafted cookbooks, opting for abstract display cabinets and industrial styled pieces, switching up your soap dispensers, or hanging some exciting artwork. When it comes to your décor update, set a budget and be as minimalistic or eccentric as you like.

Update Your Flooring

If you have some time to work with and you’re keen to increase value and gain interest from prospective buyers, you can choose to replace your current floors with something newer. Modern trends vary from the likes of industrial polished concrete through to rustic timber floorboards. Choose a flooring type that directly suits the aesthetic and vibe of your home, and ask yourself what will work best with your furniture, walls, décor and general theme. Less costly options include buying a unique rug for your floor or having your home professionally cleaned for an overall more impressive look.

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