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5 ways to freshen a room

A house is not a home if it doesn’t speak to your personal character.  Whether you are moving into your first apartment, buying your first home or just want to freshen the appearance of your home, here are a few quick ideas that won’t break the bank to update your personal surroundings. The home should truly exemplify your personal nature and provide a place of comfort and solace after a grueling day at work. Here are a few tips to aid in making your home a house.


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One of the easiest ways to update and refresh the home is to declutter your space.  Before you pack up to leave your old home to move in get rid of the old media like newspapers, magazines, unnecessary media or junk mail.  Things like this take up unnecessary space and make a space feel messy. Removing clutter from your space offers clean lines; eastern philosophy believes it removing clutter clear negative or stagnant energy and expands creativity.

Add a plant like an orchid to your environment or a snake plant also called mother in law plant.  Plants like mother in law plant help to pull carbon dioxide from the home which creates a healthier environment.  Both the mother in law and orchid are somewhat low maintenance. Mother in law plants require little water and sun but add variety and depth to any room.  Orchids bloom for months at a time and also require a little water; their beauty brightens any room.

Pick out a new piece of furniture if you add a nice entertainment center, bookcase or table to a room; it becomes enriched.  It can accent and unburden other spaces that were initially considered as temporary spots to place things in your house. Or get rid of that cheap discount furniture by picking a statement piece.  If you plan for the expense, consider shopping on Overstock . They offer some incredible pieces and they are shipped directly to you.

Painting is the quickest and easiest way to refresh a room.  It can be a meditative experience for some as it requires attention to detail and a firm stroke.  When picking a new color for any room it’s important to answer the question, what activities that will be conducted in a room? Some feel colors like hunter green or blue can be calming and relaxing more suited for the bedroom, study or den.  Others pick colors based on their current furniture and decor while others determine their color scheme on the long term decorating plan.  Regardless, when determining your room colors make sure that they reflect the mood and attitude that you wish reflected.

Another quick update to refresh your home is adding an area rug to a room.  Overstock allows users to compile list of things they like or want to track long term.  Don’t forget to peruse the clearance section either between like home accessories and adding plants that home will become a house yet.

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