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How to Choose the Best Colours for House Painting in Melbourne

The way in which you paint your house can dramatically impact how impressive and presentable it looks. Whether you’re looking for a way to add a subtle touch of chic to your home or you want to completely change up its exterior, you’ll find yourself faced with the decision of choosing colours and paint types. There’s a huge range of colours and shades waiting to be explored. However, when the idea of painting your home arises, so can the stress of choosing the right colour.

Picking the best shade can be tricky, but the good news is you have a world of opportunities thanks to the various options available. When you have an endless amount of choices and places to draw inspiration from, you can be sure you’ll choose the perfect shade. Most house painting Melbourne providers will be able to offer you an extensive range of colours to choose from. This article provides some tips to help you choose the correct colour for your home.

Pick a Theme

One of the easiest ways to choose a paint colour that you’re going to be completely sure about is by going with an interior or exterior theme that’s aesthetically pleasing and timeless. You can achieve this by investigating various house painting Melbourne ideas online and searching providers of house painting services in Melbourne. Whether you want something traditional or modern, there are a range of great ideas out there to find.

It is a good idea to choose a theme that’s directly going to suit the style of your home. With Melbourne’s current interior and exterior décor trends seeing minimalistic and neutral tones from suburb to suburb, it’s always a good choice to choose something plain. When it comes to house painting in Melbourne, less is often more. Plainer, more neutral tones will ensure that it isn’t a shade you’ll quickly get sick of.

Pick a Colour That Inspires You

You need to enjoy the home that you live in, and this includes enjoying the aesthetic you’re surrounded by. When you’re inspired by the interior décor and exterior paint of your home, you’ll more likely feel positive in it. Consider how these colours might make you feel:

Blue: Blue is known to be a relaxing, calming and highly sensitive colour. It’s a generally happy colour, and its cool nature means that it can add a modern touch to any space. Blue is generally used for the likes of office rooms and bedrooms, but it can also be used for the exterior of a property. Whether you’re looking for house painters in Glen Waverley or house painters in Mount Waverley, a reputable house painting Melbourne provider will be able to provide you with a range of inspiring and exciting blue shades.

Orange: The colour orange is thought to be a colour of friendliness and ambition. It can help brighten an exterior and is also a great option as a feature wall or for a children’s bedroom. It’s also available in a variety of shades and tones.

White: White is always a safe colour when it comes to painting both the inside and outside of a building. It’s generally attributed to feeling fresh, clean and pure, but it should be noted that a white exterior can be difficult to maintain and will likely require regular house painting services in Melbourne.

Brown: Brown is a popular paint choice because of how well it can suit various parts of the home. Brown and other neutral tones such as grey and beige are generally calming and can be a great addition to modern and traditional areas.

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