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Get an Unconventional Look for Your New Home

Buying a new home or moving into a new one? Then you may want to redecorate the home in a fresh and unique way. Most of the interior design styles nowadays have been done and redone many times over. However, if you are imaginative enough, you can still give your new home an unconventional look that turns eyes. Here are a few tips to try:


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Get an In-Built Fireplace

No modern homes have fireplaces anymore. They can make a mess and can end up being a fire hazard. So, if you want to make your living room unlike most other modern living rooms, get it a fireplace powered by a gas heater. They don’t require wood, emanate smoke to make the walls dirty with soot. Without all this bad, you will get a cosy and well-lit room to be proud of.

Mix Bold Colours with New Ones

Make any room in your new home classy and chic by blending different shades of colours. Colour is the best way to liven up a room and add a mood. It’s common to blend muted wall colours with bold accents. While you can try that, you can also choose bold wall colours and add muted touches. It’s up to you to choose the colours you want. You don’t necessarily have to stick to a colour scheme. In fact, it’s better if you don’t.

Get Steel Furniture

Tired of seeing houses with wooden furniture or leather furniture? Then try something completely new and get steel furniture. Most steel furniture combines different materials, like a steel frame and wooden touches. In any case, you will get a refreshing new look. Steel furniture can be as sturdy as wood, and comfortable as leather.

Try Terrazzo Flooring

Most people choose wooden or tile flooring. A new style to try for homes would be terrazzo. Sure, terrazzo isn’t exactly a “new” material. It’s a material favoured by the high-end market. Terrazzo can be expensive, but if you are only looking to add flooring to a small area it’s affordable. Terrazzo looks gorgeous and you will have a variety of styles of choose from.

Install Sliders inside the House

Sliders may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your home. Sliders are no longer just for kids. You can make your home immensely fun by installing sliders next to the staircases or between floors. Sliders will definitely make the overall value of your home go up.

Create a Herb Garden in the Kitchen

Make the kitchen the most pleasant room in the house by growing an herb garden right inside. All you need is a shelf and some pots. Choose small herb plants like rosemary and thyme. Your kitchen will definitely stand out.

Ditch Curtains in Favour of Bamboo Blinds

Instead of curtains, try bamboo blinds to cover windows in your house. They are easy to clean and control as well. Bamboo is a preferable material over something like plastic, which can make your home more like an office.

Try one or two of the above suggestions, and your home will be the envy of the neighbours.

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