A Guide to Selecting Outdoor Furniture

If you’re about to update your backyard or finally create your dream outdoor space, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to start looking for suitable outdoor furniture. From lounges and sofas through to coffee tables and hammocks, there are numerous stylish pieces to choose from to decorate your outdoor space.


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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the variety of designs and styles available, here’s what you should keep in mind during your search.

Quality Materials

Fortunately, outdoor furniture comes in many different materials that are long-lasting, durable and actually worth your money. Opting for sturdier options can ensure a good looking backyard for a longer amount of time, minimizing the chance of having to buy outdoor furniture again in the near future due to deterioration. Some examples of good outdoor furniture materials include:

Outdoor wicker furniture
•Outdoor wooden furniture
•Outdoor metal furniture (such as aluminum and stainless steel)
•Outdoor resin furniture

These high-quality materials are also generally easy to maintain. With a quick protective coat of paint or preservative oil and some regular maintenance, your furniture should last a long time. These furniture types also come in many shapes and styles, so it won’t be hard to find furniture that suits your intended theme. Opting for wooden or outdoor wicker furniture for traditional spaces is recommended, while stainless steel is best suited to minimalistic outdoor areas.

Design Trends

Just like interior décor, the trends of outdoor furniture come and go. However, there are a few certain trends that remain timeless and only continue to increase in popularity. From rustic aesthetics through to a striking monochrome, choosing a style is an imperative part of choosing outdoor furniture.

Consider the style of your home and find furniture that will suit it. For example, if your house showcases earthy tones, consider wooden or outdoor wicker furniture. If you have a modern house, you can’t go wrong with glass or steel paired with some striking artwork. Just remember – each different type of outdoor furniture will provide you with a different aesthetic.

Before commencing your search for furniture, make your job a little easier by deciding on a specific style or theme for your backyard. This way, you won’t feel too overwhelmed while flicking (or scrolling) through furniture catalogs.

Lifestyle and Purposes

How you intend to use your outdoor furniture really matters when it comes down to choosing furniture for your backyard. Ask yourself how you plan to use your backyard and what certain aspects of your lifestyle might impact the furniture you can own. Things like pets, small children, the weather and more can all come into play, so it’s important to keep these in mind as you look through the many available options for outdoor furniture.

Wooden furniture is generally good for warm places, outdoor wicker furniture is easy to maintain with pets and children, and stainless steel reacts well to moisture when it’s properly protected. Take a note of these factors so you can customize your search and find the best type of outdoor furniture for your home.

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