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How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home

Do you want to install new flooring to a room? Perhaps you are redoing your older home or building a house from scratch. In any case, here are a number of useful flooring tips from professionals that you should pay attention to:


Assess the Demand Brought Upon the Floor by Your Daily Needs

First of all, you need to consider the demand of the room. For example, the TV room is a frequently occupied area. The flooring on areas like your TV room, living room and lounge will have to handle a lot of traffic thanks to kids and pets. So, the flooring in these areas should be sturdy and able to handle the constant onslaught of impact. Material like carpeting or linoleum will not be suitable for a living room area. Such material can easily get dirty and damaged when you have kids in the house. Therefore, the needs of the room must match the flooring material.

Consider the Location of the Room

The location of the room also matters. If you need flooring for a backroom where no one except family ventures, then you can use cheap but highly functional flooring material. But for a room like the living room or a veranda, you should choose floor tiles or hardwood with aesthetic appeal. Nice looking flooring is more expensive. Therefore, be willing to spend more for rooms where you want to receive guests.

Think about Maintenance

Don’t forget that you also need to maintain and clean the new flooring you buy to keep them looking nice. Flooring material like terrazzo looks gorgeous in living rooms and reception areas. However, terrazzo can easily get discoloured without proper care. When terrazzo gets dirty, it’s not easy to clean. You might even have to spend money on special terrazzo cleaners. If such a level of maintenance is too much for you, you should consider low-maintenance material. Remember that some flooring, if not taken care of well, might need replacing soon after installing. That costs a lot of money.

Stay True to Budget

Speaking of money, you should take care not to overspend. Buy all the flooring you need at once. Don’t make the mistake of buying half a room worth of expensive tiles now and think that you can buy the rest later when you have money. Chances are, you will never have money and you will end up with incomplete flooring. So, budget and buy everything at once.

Research Different Flooring Material

As explained above, different needs call for different flooring material. Also, sometimes similar material might be suitable for the room. Do you know whether it’s better to get bamboo flooring or reclaimed wood flooring for your reading room? To know for sure, you need to do your research. Read up on the material and get advice from the experts.

Lighting Matters

Some flooring material is light coloured, some are dark coloured. The hue to choose will depend on the amount of light entering the room. A room that gets plenty of sunlight should have light coloured flooring to enhance the light, and vice versa.

Stick to the above advice, and you will be able to choose the perfect flooring without going over your intended budget.

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