Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your own carpet can be a difficult task to take on. Whether you’ve decided it’s time to refresh the home, want your carpet floors to look better, or need to remove a recent stain, conducting research beforehand is vital.

A good looking carpet is a completely attainable luxury when the carpet cleaning job is done correctly. Beyond just looking and feeling good, clean carpets are an important part of keeping your home or office environment healthy.

If you’re going to attempt carpet cleaning on your own, here are some tips to ensure you’re conducting the best carpet cleaning job possible.

Do Your Research

It’s important that you research how you should be cleaning your carpets before you go ahead and do it. It can be tempting to go to the store and buy the first carpet cleaning products you see, but more often than not, these products can actually cause more harm than good.

Different carpets will react differently to different products. Research your particular carpet type and determine what you want to achieve from the clean. For example, if the need for carpet cleaning is to remove a stain or spill, you should investigate the best way to target the stain. It’s also recommended that you look into what sort of carpet cleaning products you should use for the clean. Often, cheaper products can leave a residue on your carpet that discolours over time and worsens your carpet’s condition.

The best tip for a DIY carpet cleaning job is to make sure you have everything you need before you begin. Jot down the products and equipment you need so you don’t find out you’re missing something important half way through the job.

Try Home Remedies

There are various home remedies for carpet cleaning that are quick, easy and inexpensive. However, you’ll need to do some research into any remedy before trying it so you’re not left in a panic if something goes wrong.

Some popular home carpet cleaning remedies include using baking powder for stains and marks, salt for red wine, shaving cream to act as a foamy cleaner, lemon juice for those stains that just won’t budge, and ice cubes to freeze chewing gum.

While home remedies can be effective, there are some carpet conditions that need to be conquered with proper cleaning products. It’s recommended that you opt for professional chemicals for particularly bad staining to eliminate the chances of worsening the stain.

If you’re unsure about conducting a home remedy that you’ve come across, call a professional carpet cleaning team to see if it’s safe. You might also be informed that the job will be safer and easier if it’s tackled by a professional.

Invest in the Right Cleaning Tools

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended for obvious reasons, but if you want to commit to taking part in the overall cleanliness of your carpet floors, there are a few useful tools you should look into purchasing.

There are various steam cleaners, vacuums and cleaning products to explore on the internet, with plenty of descriptions, reviews and testimonials that will give you a good idea of which products you should buy. Just make sure you remember to vacuum your floors before you conduct a DIY steam clean.

Keep it Clean

There are many precautions you can take to be sure that your carpet is free of toxins, allergens, dirt and debris. Coming up with some rules for your carpet is a good idea, as various parts of your lifestyle can impact the cleanliness of your carpet. Taking dirty shoes off at the front door and other simple measures can assist in a much cleaner looking carpet.


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